January podcast guest, James W. Watkins III

James W. Watkins III

James (Jim) Watkins, III, J.D., CFP, is an attorney and adviser specializing in fiduciary best practices. He joins us for our 41st Bogleheads on Investing podcast.

Mr. Watkins has extensive experience in fiduciary law, investment adviser/securities/ERISA law, financial planning, wealth management planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. He is the author of several books, including “CommonSense InvestSense: The Power of the Informed Investor;” “The 401(k)/403(b) Investment Manual: What Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants REALLY Need to Know:” and “The Prudent Investment Adviser Rule.”

Mr. Watkins also publishes two blogs. “CommonSense InvestSense” (investsense.com) for individual investors and fiduciaries, and “The Prudent Investment Fiduciary Rules” (iainsight.wordpress.com) for investment advisors and other professional investment fiduciaries.

We will be discussing the legal responsibility of people who advise and manage other people’s money. This can be as a personal trustee for a family member, as an investment adviser or financial planner, or as a board member of an employer retirement plan or non-profit organization.

You can discuss this podcast on the Bogleheads forum at the topic, James Watkins, III, Esq is our guest on “Bogleheads on Investing”.

Investment adviser, analyst, author and industry consultant

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