March podcast guest, Eduardo Repetto, PhD.

Transcript, February 28, 2022

Eduardo Repetto, Ph.D. joins us for Episode 43 in our Bogleheads on Investing Podcast series.

Eduardo Repetto, PhD.

Eduardo is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Avantis Investors, where he is responsible for directing the research, design and implementation of investment strategies, and has oversight of the investment team managing over $10 billion in factor-based ETFs. Prior to Avantis Investors’ establishment in 2019, Eduardo was Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer, and Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).

Dr. Repetto earned a Ph.D. degree in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology, an MSc degree in Engineering from Brown University, and a Diploma de Honor in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He is a Trustee of the California Institute of Technology and the recipient of the William F. Ballhaus Prize from the California Institute of Technology for outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Aeronautics and the Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award for his teaching and research efforts.

In this episode we discuss his career, the migration many Ph.D’s make from engineering to investing, his time at DFA, and now at Avantis. At the center of the discussion we examine factor investing, and primarily small-cap value investing. What does the past data say, what’s going on today, what’s the competition, and does it make sense to consider this niche part of the equity market for a slice of your portfolio.

Investment adviser, analyst, author and industry consultant

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