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Don Phillips, September 2020 podcast guest

Post on: August 17, 2020 by Rick Ferri

Don Phillips

Don Phillips is a managing director of Morningstar, Inc., responsible for corporate strategy, research, and corporate communications. He joined Morningstar in 1986 as the company’s first mutual fund analyst and soon became editor of its flagship publication, Morningstar Mutual Funds™, establishing the editorial voice for which the company is best known. Phillips helped to develop the Morningstar® Style Box™, the Morningstar® Rating™, and other distinctive proprietary Morningstar innovations that have become industry standards. Don has served on the company’s board of directors since August 1999.

During the podcast, we’ll discuss the history of mutual fund analysis, passive vs active, stock analysis, separately managed account analysis, rating mutual funds, advisers, advisor fees, robo-advisers, and where the entire advice industry has been and may be heading. Maybe we’ll even dive into cypto-currencies and the future of financial innovation.

The Bogleheads connection to Morningstar goes back more than twenty years. It started in 1998 when Morningstar established the Vanguard Diehards to discuss Vanguard mutual funds. The 2002 Bogleheads Conference was hosted by Morningstar and coincided with the annual Morningstar conference, where John Bogle was slated to speak. The current Boglehead’s forum moved to a separate domain in 2007.

You can discuss this podcast on the Bogleheads forum at the topic Don Phillips, former M* CEO is our Bogleheads on Investing podcast guest.

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