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Jonathan Clements, November 2018 podcast guest

Post on: November 8, 2018 by Rick Ferri

Jonathan Clements

Jonathan Clements will be our November 2018 guest on Bogleheads on Investing.

Jonathan Clements is the founder and editor of HumbleDollar. During Jonathan’s long career as a financial writer he has worked for Euromoney, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of eight personal finance books. His latest book is From Here to Financial Happiness.

This interesting interview dives into Jonathan’s career, his books, the FIRE movement, how money can buy you happiness, investment fees and why he was an early advocate for low-cost index funds. The podcast is approximately 55 minutes long.

You can discuss this podcast in the Bogleheads forum at Jonathan Clements: November “Bogleheads on Investing” podcast guest.

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Rick Ferri

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