Sponsorships and Events

To date, the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy has sponsored the following events, and made the following registrations.


The Center sponsors the monthly podcasts produced by Bogleheads on Investing Podcasts. These podcasts are produced by the Center’s current president, Rick Ferri, who interviews people of interest from the investment world. The most recent podcast is linked on our home page.

The Center also provides support for the annual Bogleheads® Conference. The conferences are currently held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania during the early autumn. Registration announcements for each annual conference are posted on the Bogleheads forum. The conference limits attendance to 200 attendees.

Due to the pandemic forcing a cancellation of physical conferences, the Center will sponsor, beginning in November 2020, the Bogleheads Speaker Series, a series of video conferences that will bring knowledgeable and engaging experts on finance and investing directly to you. The Bogleheads Speaker Series sessions will be recorded and available for future viewing on BogleCenter.net.


To expand the reach of the John C. Bogle Center for Financihttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77ksrKd7P8uXslpuy6HAfQal Literacy, the Center has registered the “bogleheads” trademark affiliated with the Bogleheads.org forum and Bogleheads.org Wiki, which share the Center’s principles.


See our calendar for a look at past and upcoming events. Many Boglehead Local Chapters are engaging in virtual chapter meetings. The Bogle Center is publishing many of these meetings on its Youtube channel. The meetings are conveniently filed on the Bogleheads Chapter Series playlist.