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Wes Gray, May 2019 podcast guest

Post on: May 2, 2019 by Rick Ferri

Dr. Wesley Gray

Dr. Wesley (Wes) Gray is our guest this May 2019 on Bogleheads on Investing.

Dr. Wesley (Wes) Gray is the new defacto “Jedi Knight” of quantitative factor investing. He is the CEO of Alpha Architect, an author, portfolio manager, United States Marine, Iraq War vet, and a former professor of finance at Drexel University. Wes earned an MBA and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Chicago where he studied under Nobel Prize Winner Eugene Fama. He is a contributor to multiple industry publications and regularly speaks to professional investor groups across the country. Dr. Gray has published multiple academic papers and four books, including Embedded (Naval Institute Press, 2009), Quantitative Value (Wiley, 2012), DIY Financial Advisor (Wiley, 2015), and Quantitative Momentum (Wiley, 2016).

You can discuss this podcast in the Bogleheads forum at the topic Episode 009: “Bogleheads on Investing” with guest Dr. Wesley Gray, host Rick Ferri.

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