Our mission is to expand John C. Bogle’s legacy by promoting the principles of successful investing and financial well-being through education and community.

Our History

The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy (Bogle Center) is an IRS approved non-profit organization organized in 2010. The Bogle Center uses its "Bogleheads" trademark to help build a world of well-informed, capable, and empowered investors across several outlets.

The Bogleheads forum began in March 1998 as an investor-to-investor online community when Taylor Larimore made the first post on the Morningstar.com Vanguard Forum. A stand-alone site was formed in 2007 and Bogleheads.org was born. The site includes the Bogleheads Wiki, a fabulous reference for every investor.

The first Bogleheads conference was held in 2000 at Taylor’s home. Jack Bogle was the guest of honor and twenty diehard fans attended. Conferences became a regular event with Mr. Bogle attending until his passing. Today, Bogleheads Conferences include an expanded agenda and impressive lineup of speakers.

Local Bogleheads Chapters began forming in the early 2000's so members could get together and discuss ideas and socialize. There are dozens of Local Chapters today in cities around the US and in several countries.

Where we are headed

The Bogle Center continued to expand its reach with a growing online presence and increasing post-COVID physical presence. In addition to the forum, wiki, conferences, and local chapters, the Bogle Center publishes or supports Bogleheads books, the Bogleheads on Investing podcast, Bogleheads YouTube Channel, Bogleheads Twitter, Bogleheads Facebook, and Bogleheads Reddit. New projects are always of interest, with financial support from our wonderful donors!


We’re always looking for people who have benefited from the work many in the Bogleheads community have done and wish to give back. The Bogle Center needs help with conference volunteers, local chapters, technology assistance, and of course, money helps. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to develop something innovative that helps spread the word, let us know!


The Bogle Center is an all-volunteer organization and there are many opportunities to help. You could become a local chapter leader, help with the annual conference, or offer your technological expertise. Get in touch with us here and we’ll put you to work.


Your tax-deductible contribution will help fund the Bogleheads Forum, pay for conferences, pay for content creation, and fund a small general administrative expense. Please donate with a check, credit card, donor-advised fund, or the AmazonSmile program. Donate now!


During 2022, an enterprising volunteer started Bogleheads® Live on Twitter Spaces. The program has become an instant success! Do you have an idea for spreading the Bogleheads message? We’d love to hear it. Connect with us here.


The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving financial literacy. We were approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity on February 6, 2012. The approval was retroactive to November 22, 2010, the date of the organization's incorporation as a non-profit Texas Corporation.


To expand John C. Bogle's legacy by promoting the principles of successful investing and financial well-being through education and community.


Create a world of well-informed, capable, and empowered investors.


  • Commitment to and focus on the investment philosophy of John C. Bogle.
  • Community: The maintenance and expansion of the well-established Boglehead sense of community and belonging.
  • Fairness: That investment companies should treat investors equitably so that investors receive their fair share of investment returns.
  • Focus: Highlighting quantitative evidence-based research.
  • Simplicity: That investing can and should be simple.
  • Stewardship: Advocating for and supporting servant leadership dedicated to the benefit of investors.

Board of Directors

To maximize the impact of your donations, the members of the Board of Directors serve as unpaid corporate officers.

Executive Officers

Christine BEnz


Dr. Ricardo Guerra

Vice President

Ben Holland


Mike piper


Board Members

Karen Damato

Board Member

Jon Luskin


Andrew Bogle


Terese Reynolds