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Bogleheads® Live with Dan Egan: Episode 13

Post on: July 25, 2022 by Rick Ferri

Dan Egan, VP of Behavioral Finance & Investing at Betterment joins us to discuss robo-advisors and conflicts of interest. Dan comments: Many (most) robo-advisors have hidden conflicts of interest that lead them to not focus on doing the most possible for client.

  • Tax Loss Harvesting [TLH] with secondaries.
  • Schwab with it’s ‘free’ robo, forces you to hold cash, doesn’t TLH.
  • VPAS with no-non-VG funds, no state-munis, no TLH.
  • Wealthfront with it’s “risk parity’ fund.
  • If an RIA has it’s own funds, it inherently will find it hard to put you into the ‘best’ funds as seen by an independent.

Dan Egan

The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy is pleased to sponsor the thirteenth episode of Bogleheads® Live.

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