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Lessons Learned at the 2022 Bogleheads Conference

Post on: October 10, 2023 by Karen Damato

A physician who is a columnist for The White Coat Investor website recently wrote a piece on the lessons he learned by watching the videos of the 2022 Bogleheads conference online.

With a prominent nod to The White Coat Investor’s own conference, Dr. Rikki Racela, a neurologist in Englewood, N.J., titled his October 3 column What I Learned at the Bogleheads Conference, the Second Best Conference Around. (The White Coat Investor website and its conference are run by Dr. Jim Dahle, who was an emcee, speaker and panelist at the 2022 Bogleheads conference and will join us in those same roles at the 2023 conference this week.)

Dr. Racela shared his four key takeaways from the 2022 Bogleheads program:

  • “The essentials of personal finance are dirt easy.”
  • “The behaviors of personal finance are clear as mud.”
  • “Many finance debates just don’t matter much.”
  • And, finally, “I want to be Michelle Singletary.” (The not-to-be-missed conversation between the Washington Post columnist and author and Morningstar’s Christine Benz was last year’s closing session.)

As Dr. Racela notes, videos of the 2022 Bogleheads Conference sessions are available at no charge on the Bogle Center website, boglecenter.net. We similarly plan to post videos of the 2023 conference after the actual event.

About the author 

Karen Damato

Board member of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy


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