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Post on: December 13, 2022 by Christine Benz

The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy has a term limit policy for executive officers serving the Center.  As a result, Rick Ferri has completed his term as President of the Center. Rick will continue to host the Center sponsored Bogleheads on Investing Podcasts.

Our new President is Christine Benz, who previously had served as a member of the Center's board of directors. Our new Vice President is board member, Dr. Rich Guerra.

Bill Bernstein will continue to serve as a board member.  We have   also added two new board members, Jon Luskin, who hosts our Bogleheads Live meetings and podcasts, and Karen Damato, who has served as a host for the Center sponsored Speakers Series and as a moderator for the 2022 Bogleheads Conference.

Please note that everyone serving the Bogle Center is a volunteer serving without compensation. This includes all Board members, site administrators, site editors, and the transcription teams that provide transcripts for the podcasts and videos that the Center sponsors.

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